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  1. Please fill in your PRN No. carefully. 
  2. You will Get PRN No. at your Mumbai University's Form
  3. Please upload clean and visible images of your documents otherwise Admission will be Decline. 
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For Adress Proof Please Add :-

  1. Most Recent Light Bill Pic
  2. Rent Agreements Index 2 Page Pic

Income Per Annum

I having been admitted to the Suman Education Society’s LN College Borivali (E.), Mumbai-400066., herewith undertake that I have read and understood all the rules and regulations of admission for the year 2021-2022.
I am aware that the COLLEGE FEE is pending for academic year 2021-2022. The college is entitled with right to withhold the results till the fees are fully paid.
We/I acknowledge that will pay Second Instalment before Ist Term end exam. And Third Instalment before IInd Term end exam.
I stroke we will follow all the rules and regulations of the college in disciplined Manner